#WhoAmISabah – Natasha Brand Palencia

1.  We are what you call the real EURASIANS, the three percent that is not talked about. My dad is part Belgium, Orang Sungai and Spanish Phillipino.

Mum is half Australian and Spanish Philipino so of course I am rojak.  My mum is from Sandakan and my dad is from Labuan.  Have you watched ‘The Sleeping Dictionary‘ movie? It is not exactly like the movie but that was how it begun and was during British time.

2. I have businesses so I am an entrepreneur based in Kuala Lumpur. They are:

a. Brabons Entertainment

b. Jen’s Homekitchen

Jen’s Homegrown Cooking Academy

Jen The Cooking Tourist

My sister Mia’s ambition was to become a great singer/musician hence we as a family together formed Brabons Entertainment, a family oriented company.  Within these 11 years, we also offer other services like sound systems, music instruments and organize events together with introducing narrators, musical scores for film production and the supply of sound engineers.

Now I have two artistes in my portfolio; Mia and Jennifer (my mother).

For Mia, once she was recognized as Malaysia’s ‘Most Promising Musician’ by Louis Vuitton, most big companies like Mercedes Benz will look for her to perform at their functions.  Mia is not only a recording artiste, she is also a musician. When she sing, she comes with a band.  People started to ask for Mia to sing in private functions and all kind of gigs request came in.

As for Jennifer, she is a homegrown chef, writing a recipe book and dedicated-to-be a great chef of her time.

Brabon Entertainment’s outfit consists of family members – my business partners are my mum & dad.  Mum and I are managers of our artiste.  I will do most of the marketing and administration.  We have Adam as our website designer & creator, working part-time and my younger sister Vanessa, is our writer and Mia as our designer.  Part timers are hired as and when they are needed.

3. In 2002 we decided to move here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and started afresh.  Mia was homesick so we closed our home restaurant in Kota Kinabalu (back then the home restaurant was a new concept) and the family relocated.  Mia had already established herself in Kuala Lumpur where a lot of people wanted her to perform at functions. The move here was a natural progression for us because there were no opportunities in Kota Kinabalu then and we were already traveling to and fro due to engagements and gigs here.

4. We might go back to Kota Kinabalu.  We are leaving our options open for now.

5.  I guess I am a fabulous Sabahan because I have been through a lot in this lifetime.  Surviving in Kuala Lumpur as a Sabahan has really put me in a pedestal.  I am proud of myself and my culture.

As for our businesses, we believe in doing things from the heart because ‘what you see is what you get’. We do not offer artificial hospitality. We make it clear to our clients that they are important to us.  The services we provide are very valuable and our price reflex this.  Our customers became regulars after working with us because they see we are honest, and we have very strong values.

6. I am contactable via facebook or email me at natasha@brabonsentertainment.com.


  1. #1 by Silas Insko on 07/08/2011 - 1:43 am

    Hi, Does this page also have an RSS feed? I’ve been looking around but am not able to locate it. Thanks Silas Insko

    • #2 by Ambaga House on 09/08/2011 - 2:31 am

      YES:P Silas Insko. It’s the ‘sound wave’ icon located on the left hand top part of the page. Thanx for the inquiry

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