#WhoAmISabah – Ruth Dale Kotoken Conchao (Johor Series)

My family are Suluk and we hail from Kampung Air Sri Jaya, Semporna Sabah.

Currently we take residence in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia since 1995.

I own a saloon here.  I am also a volunteer with Persatuan Suluk Bersatu Sabah (PSBS).

Here we find that there are a lot of young Sabahans who are interested in the beauty industry and we are working towards a program to train and produce qualified Sabahans.

I am a ‘fabulous’ Sabahan because at every opportunity, we will promote our culture especially through costumes.

Whenever there is a cultural performance needed, I will make sure we wear full traditional gear to educate and promote our culture to the audience.

I am contactable via facebook or email me at ruthdale_roster@yahoo.com.my.



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