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We are invited to @katama to go to his wedding reception! Please refer below for his invitation:P


[Katama Ronald Tojimoh Moligan]
I would like to invite all #WhoAmISabah to gather with me on my wedding day
so it could 90% of traditional wedding for kadazan dusun!!!

Wedding details, please click here😉

Wow! This is so cool @katama! Thanx so much for the invite and opportunity to witness a 90% Kadazan wedding!!!

Also on behalf of we wish all the best in journey towards a family of your own. Thank you again and GBU & fiance.


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#WhoAmISabah – Charles Sabin

  1. I am the son of a Dusun couple (Sabin Simbuon and Mary Theresa Yakun) from Bundu Tuhan, Ranau.

2. I work as an ICT technician for Kinabalu Era Takzim Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinabalu. Read the rest of this entry »


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#WhoAmISabah – Agatah Gobou

1.  Of course Kadazan bo gia onu vagu. Dadi kampung ku nopo nga Kg. Sunag, Kinarut  om pointatap no do Kadazan vagu. (Of course I am a Kadazan, my father’s village is Kg. Sunag, Kinarut which makes me a Kadazan native)

2. Sekarang saya adalah orang kampung, di Kinarut, Papar district-Sabah. Read the rest of this entry »


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#WhoAmISabah – Flo Nara

1. Mum & dad are Dusun from Kota Belud but in my birth certificate, they put Kadazan so that makes me Kadazan. Read the rest of this entry »



#WhoAmISabah – Nora Arin

  1. My mother is a Sino Kadazan from Bongawan Papar and my father is an Iban from Kuching making me a Malaysian:)

Usually people would say I have to follow father, but I don’t feel like an Iban because I was born and bred in Sabah. I would say I am Kadazan, I do not feel the Chinese blood in me so I will stick to Kadazan. Read the rest of this entry »


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#WhoAmISabah – Roy Bilit

1. Kedua ibubapa saya ialah orang sungai berasal dari Kg. Bilit, Kinabatangan tetapi telah meninggal dunia.  Jadi saya adalah orang sungai Kinabatangan dari Kg. Bilit.

2. Dulu pekerjaan saya ialah seorang nelayan di sungai Kinabatangan saja. Saya menggunakan pukat, bubu ikan dan selambau untuk menangkap ikan. Read the rest of this entry »



#WhoAmISabah – DJ Sunduvan Tom

If you enjoy the video and wish to connect with our own DJ Sunduvan Tom, please connect with him via facebook🙂 or click here to listen to Sunduvan FM.

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#WhoAmISabah – Cece Rsd

Father Sino Kadazan Putatan + mummy Kadazan Kota Klias Kuala Penyu makes  me a Sino Kadazan…

I am a personal assistant for an important person base in Kota Kinabalu.

I am lucky coz I’m a SABAHAN bumiputera in Sabah…

I am contactable via facebook🙂


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#WhoAmISabah – Danny

Father Sino-Kadazan Putatan + Mum Sino Kadazan Putatan makes me a Sino-Kadazan. Currently project manager in Perunding Teknologi Ukur, the best bumiputera surveying firm in Kota Kinabalu! Fabulous Sabahan coz am proud to be a native Sabahan:) #WhoAmISabah

Connect with me on my facebook🙂


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