Presentation-Mini Teh Tarik Sabahan Gathering, 9.10.2011 @ Ming Tien, PJ.


Loads of fun to meet up with Sabahan friends in twitter and facebook at Ming Tien Foodcourt, SS24/8. We had Naan of all kind, seafood, noodles, rice and pizza. Gossiping and discussing Sabahs past, present and future makes the head reeling with info overload:)


Get to experience the choatic but safe for family foodcourt outdoor dining with a nite market next door, what one can ask for more? Its HEAVEN! First time for me and going there again.  Hey! Didn’t get to explore the nite market coz after dinner is closing time:(

Anyways peeps! A great time spent knowing you all and hope to do it again in the future. Bigger, much bigger!!!

PS: Lesson learnt, Lets be exchanging handphone numbers first before the gathering:) It’s a big, big world out there!

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