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#WhoAmISabah – Angie Lajamin-Foo

Hello fellow reader @ #WhoAmISabah

My name is Angie Debbie, daughter of Mr. Francis Noor Lajamin Mojunkil and Mdm. Veuin Minjulu Molimbu @ Florince.

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#WhoAmISabah – Mimi Lolisty

1. Lineage – Dad (Kadazan) + Mum (Chinese) = Kadazan

2. Profession: Secretary

3. Currently in Brunei

4. I am proud to be Sabahan. Being Sabahan simply the best…with multilingual, colorful culture & ethnics and food. No matter where I am, my heart always belong in Sabah. It’s the place where everybody makes you feel like home!! I love♥ Sabah!

I am contactable via facebook.


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