#WhoAmISabah – Maggie Wong

My origins started in Menumbuk, Beaufort.  My father is from Kuala Penyu, a Sino Kadazan and mum is from Kuala Penyu too.  My parents were based in Menumbuk with my grandparents.  So I am Sino Kadazan from Menumbuk but was born in Labuan because dad was then stationed in Labuan.

I am now Spa Proprietor, based in both in Labuan and Sabah. My master business is in Sabah because I am Sabahan so I belong to Sabah.

As to why I am a proud Sabahan, ‘I set up my business from zero basic. From scratch.  I came up on my own my spa design, spa menu, product & so on.  Most importantly I came up with the business concept of my spa in Sandakan and am so proud of it!’.

I am contactable via facebook or handphone number +60128247275.


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