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#WhoAmISabah – Julie Jidwin

1) Mother: Dusun Liwan from Kg. Kirokot, Tambunan.
Father: Sino Kadazan (Father is Chinese, mother is Dusun from Kg. Toboh, Tambunan, residing in Kinarut). Read the rest of this entry »


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Website to Connect Sabahans

TheStar Online
Friday September 16, 2011


Bringing people of the state together via

VERA Mopilin was getting terribly homesick when she decided to start a website to connect with her fellow Sabahans.

It all began during her stay in Bangkok. Read the rest of this entry »



#WhoAmISabah – Natasha Brand Palencia

1.  We are what you call the real EURASIANS, the three percent that is not talked about. My dad is part Belgium, Orang Sungai and Spanish Phillipino. Read the rest of this entry »



#WhoAmISabah – Amatus Kennedy Kahar

Asal usul ibubapa saya ialah daripada Kg.Timbou, Tambunan tapi saya dilahirkan di Tawau. Kedua ibubapa saya berbangsa Dusun menjadikan saya 100% Dusun. Read the rest of this entry »

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#WhoAmISabah – Albert Bingkasan

My mum a 100 percent Dusun, Siarah Lontou is from Kg Nukakatan, Tambunan, while  my dad Gulabok Bingkasan, also a Dusun Bulat, from Kg Simbulan, Tudan Tuaran. Am a politician but working with Govt.

Well, I didn’t ask to be born a Sabahan. To me this is a gift, and damn proud of it. Hope I cud give my two cents to fellow Sabahans, the country, n perhaps to the larger community… #WhoAmISabah?

Connect with me at fb/twitter wit my full name, or my blog


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#WhoAmISabah – mionemp

Father Sino-Kadazan, Putatan + mum Kadazan Kinarut, full time home organiser & website administrator. #WhoAmISabah???

After a 3 year stint in Bangkok, Thailand, my little family & I moved to Subang Jaya, Selangor to stay.  Our next stop will be Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but don’t know yet when. Will keep this site posted on this:P

As to why I am a ‘Fabulous’ Sabahan; I refuse to give up hope that 1 day we will be back to Sabah to live, my family & I.  It is where our hearts are and hopefully it won’t take us too long to go home, back to Sabah…….

Connect with me at facebook @iamsabahproject, twitter @whoamisabah


*** More about me & by The Star newspaper here


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