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Presentation-Mini Teh Tarik Sabahan Gathering, 9.10.2011 @ Ming Tien, PJ.


Loads of fun to meet up with Sabahan friends in twitter and facebook at Ming Tien Foodcourt, SS24/8. We had Naan of all kind, seafood, noodles, rice and pizza. Gossiping and discussing Sabahs past, present and future makes the head reeling with info overload:)


Get to experience the choatic but safe for family foodcourt outdoor dining with a nite market next door, what one can ask for more? Its HEAVEN! First time for me and going there again. ¬†Hey! Didn’t get to explore the nite market coz after dinner is closing time:(

Anyways peeps! A great time spent knowing you all and hope to do it again in the future. Bigger, much bigger!!!

PS: Lesson learnt, Lets be exchanging handphone numbers first before the gathering:) It’s a big, big world out there!

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