#WhoAmISabah – Nora Arin

  1. My mother is a Sino Kadazan from Bongawan Papar and my father is an Iban from Kuching making me a Malaysian:)

Usually people would say I have to follow father, but I don’t feel like an Iban because I was born and bred in Sabah. I would say I am Kadazan, I do not feel the Chinese blood in me so I will stick to Kadazan.

2. I am an event organizer, I organize events in Kota Kinabalu. I do have partners from Kuala Lumpur and we have collaborated on a lot of projects.

Our current major project, ‘Stompin Sabah‘ is the biggest music and arts festival in Sabah.

This year we will be promoting our own music genre. The music is percussion with tribal sound, it is the kind of music that will make you stomp your feet – that is Stompin’ Sabah!

This year the festival will be held in Tanjung Aru first beach, at the beach itself. It will be free beach concert! Apart from the concert we will also have beach volley ball, bikini competition and after the concert we will have a ‘Glow in Dark Party’. As of now we are still sourcing for more sponsors so if anyone who would like to sponsor us, please contact me soonest:P

3. What makes me a ‘fabulous’ Sabahan, I would say my love for Sabah and it is also reflected from my work with the youth in Sabah.  At the end of the day I hope my work will make a difference.

4. I am contactable at facebook and email me cilipadievents@gmail.com or call me at +60178153939.


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