#WhoAmISabah – Agatah Gobou

1.  Of course Kadazan bo gia onu vagu. Dadi kampung ku nopo nga Kg. Sunag, Kinarut  om pointatap no do Kadazan vagu. (Of course I am a Kadazan, my father’s village is Kg. Sunag, Kinarut which makes me a Kadazan native)

2. Sekarang saya adalah orang kampung, di Kinarut, Papar district-Sabah.

3. Well, As a Fabulous Sabahan for me it means loving the place, the kampung, the people and the community. This is what makes me a great Sabahan:P

4. I can be contacted via facebook.


  1. #1 by Mary Machine on 20/08/2011 - 1:18 am

    I learned a lot from this post, great help for me, thank you!

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