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#WhoAmISabah – Deanna Spencer

1. Lineage – Dad (Kadazan) + mama (Sino Kadazan) = Kadazan
2. Profession: freelance beautician + hairstylist :))
3. Currently in Kota Kinabalu
4. The great thing being a Sabahan is that we’re friendly, and the food is awesome! Especially traditional cuisine :)) #WhoAmISabah

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#WhoAmISabah – Danny

Father Sino-Kadazan Putatan + Mum Sino Kadazan Putatan makes me a Sino-Kadazan. Currently project manager in Perunding Teknologi Ukur, the best bumiputera surveying firm in Kota Kinabalu! Fabulous Sabahan coz am proud to be a native Sabahan:) #WhoAmISabah

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