#WhoAmISabah – Izaan Azyan

My name is Izaan Azyan. 22 years old. Came from a very rojak family since there are Dusun, Chinese, Arab and Brunei running in my blood.

I consider myself a Bruneian though since I can speak fluent Melayu Brunei.

But what I found from my mix heritage is – mixed marriages makes Sabah unique.  Born in Petagas, I spend most of my time at Bongawan, Sabah.

2. Currently I am a research assistant at University Malaysia Sabah, taking Master’s degree by research, part time tutor at Mind Research Consultant for almost 4 years, and part time photographer at Studio Pesona Putatan, Sabah. I want to pursue my study until Phd (Doctor of Philosophy), and fight corruptions when it happens.

3. Sabah is very unique.  To me what makes her unique is not about how beautiful the scenery or culture are, but the peace and harmony that we live in despite the differences in race and religion. Others fight for 1Malaysia while we live it everyday.

What can I contribute to Sabah? I want to bring Sabah to the world, and bring the world to Sabah.

4. I am contactable via my official website, http://www.izaan.net


  1. #1 by Dora on 11/10/2011 - 10:58 am

    That is another reason why Sabahan are unique hehehe

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