#WhoAmISabah -Rein Nasution

1. My Dad side = Mandailing + Arab/Pakistan, Mum=Brunei+Dusun+Chinese.  As
for me I was born in Kota Kinabalu:) my kampung is everywhere in Sabah:) inclusive Brunei and Sarawak… Been going around to the deep of Borneo since infant 🙂

2. I am based in Aceh and have started PT Travel Nurin.  It is a social corporate company under Private Charity Foundation.

If we do make profit, insyaAllah, the fund will go on to charity work where we fund and maintain the underprivileged especially the orphans, as well as, building the infrastructures needed for school, orphanage and etc 🙂

When there are sponsors, they will experience by themselves by handing over the donation to the benefactors directly… but so far, in my 7th year now, I can count less than 15 sponsors… perhaps, lesser than that… After all this time… Sigh! Sigh…

At the same time, Pt Travel Nurin did pioneer the opening of the 2 only international flights into Aceh by AirAsia and Firefly. In the hope, of upgrading and opening fields of work for the local economy… Nothing beats tourism industry to boost a country’s economy development..

Personally, by zigzagging around Aceh since the tsunami, it is a priceless experience and opens up my understanding of Aceh thoroughly – the geography, people and culture.

Let me quote, a Sabahan VVIP had commented on my work, ‘It’s about time you come back and do this back home, why Aceh?’.   This was on my 3rd year in Aceh…

Then I ask, ‘Do you have the funds? Our government did well already by looking after the underprivileged.  Here, In Aceh, there’s no such government ministries that really looked after this sector of the people’.  Unfortunately, there are no help from Tourism Malaysia by way of funding… they only do moral support… 🙂

Despite my office being use as the office of Tourism Malaysia, whereby all information, anything one wants to know about Malaysia can be sourced from there.

I treat my work as a national service to my country…  Though, it will be nice if they could give some funds 🙂 Other than that my work also include free lip service to the relevant local authority here…  Anywhere I go, if there are any complaints or places that I see lacking in infrastructure, such as no jembatan (no bridge), jalan parah (bad road condition), you can be sure, I’ll be talking loudly to the relevant authorities… Nevertheless, most of the time, I will also do that myself, perbaikan (repairing) and etc 🙂

3. As to – Am I fabulous? No lahhh… I am only doing my very best in what I love to do.

At the same time, to make Sabahan proud to be a Sabahan and show despite the many races, religion and cultures, Sabahan are truly an example of One People, One Heart and One Commitment. TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!

I can be contacted via facebook.  Please also check out our website at www.travelnurin.com.


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