#WhoAmISabah -Cassidy Bengkong Pungat

1. My mum is Dusun from Kg.Tinompok, Tambunan but at the age of 4, she moved to Kg. Padawan, Papar.  My dad is Iban from Kg. Kesindu, Serian, Sarawak.

So I am half Iban/Kadazandusun…born in Labuan but now live in Kg. Purak, Papar. So I consider myself of course a Sabahan!… Totally!

2. I am a teacher at SMK Nabawan 2, Keningau holding the position of Guru Kanan Mata Pelajaran Bidang Teknik & Vokasional (Senior Teacher in Technical & Vocational Education)

3. I am fabulous because I am the face of Borneo (mix parentage of Sabahan+Sarawakian)… Never thought of leaving Sabah for the rest of my life…Got married to a beautiful Sabahan lady too!…

4. I can be reached via facebook


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