#WhoAmISabah – John Suleiman

1. Father is Kadazan from Kg. Nampasan and mother is Dusun from Kg. Pogunon, Penampang therefore I am a Kadazan.

2. I am a Sabahan working in Singapore as a Supervisor – General (Medical) with a chicken farm at Jalan Murai, Pua Chu Kang.

3. As to why am I ‘fabulous’ –

Memang kita cinta negeri sendiri cuma kalau tidak dapat kerja di tempat sendiri, gaji tidak cukup, tidak lumayan kita kena pergi ke luar negara lah. Cuba-cuba nasib di sini.  Pasal mahu cari makan lah.

(Of course we love our own state. If a person could not get a job, no salary and not good enough to survive in your own homestate – going abroad might be the answer. Because of survival I tried my luck here in Singapore).

4. I can be contacted via mobile phone at +6582064472.


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