#WhoAmISabah – Tom Rungitom

My name is Alfred Bonius, known to my friends as Tom, on Facebook, Tom Rungitom (Rungitom, name of a fruit in Dusun).  My race is Dusun, similar to my late father, a Dusun from Kota Belud, while my mother is Kadazan from Penampang. I am currently residing In Kg. Kitobu, Inanam.

My family is also a part of the big family of Siawan Katung Kunsar, which is from my mother’s side grandmother (Pois Siawan). Every year we hold a family gathering party, so the families who live in Papar, Penampang, Inanam can come together and celebrate. This yearly event meant to strengthten our family ties by getting to know each other.

I work as a web admininstrator for BorneoColours.com, a community based portal for Borneans that was created by Daniel Doughty and his team few years before I became one of the team. This site basically promotes Borneo as a single branded destination, members are free to share their colours of Borneo to the world.

#WhoAmISabah: Are you also a professional photographer?

I am just a beginner, just being active using a DSLR camera while covering for the 5th KK Jazz Fest this year. I have learnt from a fellow photographer from Sarawak, Uncle Awang, he said “Just go Manual on the setting”, that helped me a lot in playing with the camera. Yes, I am not working with it, I’m playing with it, I just love to capture beautiful shots, candid shots, the ones that people can smile when they looked at it.

The blogger side of me.

I also actively involved in blogging since 2009, I blog about personal life, entertainment, events and current issues as well.

About Borneo Startup & Social Network

The group intended to gather not only Sabahans but also people’s from all over Borneo (Sarawak, Labuan, Brunei, Kalimantan) to promote their blog, events and community activity.

#WhoAmISabah:  How are you a ‘Fabulous’ Sabahan?

I am a proud Sabahan, because we are the best example of the true spirit of 1Malaysia, I bet you will also agree on this, right? Even after all the development, we can still preserve and experience our cultural heritage. But that doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax. There are more things to be done for the future generations.

Getting in touch;

Please contact me at Facebook and twitter or email me at fred@borneocolours.com.


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